Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let's Give 'em the Old Pizazz!

Let's talk clothes, people.

There is something about this dress that is hard to put into words. When I first saw it online I thought, "meh." But, after looking at it a few times and featuring it in my first Friday Favorites post it just got under my skin. I would not say it is a beautiful dress but, it has a certain charm that makes me stop and study it for a while, trying to make sense of it. Which is more powerful than the draw of a traditionally pretty dress. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's character in Funny Face before she gets discovered. It's parts could be considered plain yet the overall effect is enchanting. 

The quality of the material is great. The skirt is soft and more opaque than I expected as the description online said  it was sheer. Compared to other polyester clothes I have, that I bought at discount stores, it is much better quality. The fit is flattering, as well. The waist nips in appropriately and the skirt flares away from the body to hide a tummy but, doesn't add any bulk.

Some clothes you wear for comfort and practicality, some clothes you wear because of the drama they create, and some clothes you wear because they make you feel more like yourself. As if the clothes are capturing all the thoughts milling around in your head and projecting them out for the world to see. That is what I am always looking for and that is what this dress does for me.



Welcome to a new feature on the blog where I defy the fashion police and show you when I repeat an article of clothing on this here blog. When I post a new outfit, if I have featured a part of the outfit before, you, the glorious reader, will get to see how I pulled it off! But I, the humble blogger, maintain the right to not feature shoes and accessories if I wear them regularly. Which, I'm sure does not break your heart.

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