Monday, February 29, 2016

Horse Print Dress | Shaped by Style

I'm over at Shaped by Style today with my very first outfit post about this amazing vintage horse print dress! Go check it out!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Jibri | Inspired

I stumbled upon the plus size designer Jibri while browsing the hallowed bits and bites of instagram and I basically didn't stop stalking them for days. I was in love. If I had to chose one brand of clothing to wear forever and never let another designer touch my pale, pale skin again, it would be Jibri. The clothing is colorful, sophisticated, splattered in prints, vintage inspired with a modern twist, and the cuts, the cuts! The drama they employ in their oversized crops, balloon sleeves, and draping! I am hemorrhaging wonder and awe over here.

Have swim suit cover ups ever existed that were so beautiful? The answer is yes but not since the divine Grace Kelly sauntered across the movie screen in High Society.

This little mustard, teal, and green number up here is essentially my ideal outfit, hair included. The proportions of the thick waistband paired with the oversized top and full skirt give the outfit this great nipped in, structured look that just flows right into free movement. The effect is stunning and works well to combine casual and dramatic, feminine flair.

And this little dollop of delightfulness here takes me to the moon and back. It's so cool and quirky. That head to toe print is perfect in a black and white color scheme and that little wine colored hat at the top? Oh, yeah. You know I'm into that. This whole outfit says I love my body, I love my style, and I'm going to strut it all I want because it's good. We all need some of that in our lives. 

I am the "throw myself on the nearest object and sob dramatically" type of sad that I will never be able to actually afford these most amazing clothes; which I am sure they are worth the cost and if I could put a mortgage payment toward getting an outfit or two...but you things...

Which is why Jibri will forever linger in my Inspired section and never make it to an Outfit post. But, it's OK because the mere existence of these photos allows me to ask myself what I can do. I can sew a mean skirt. Maybe I can I sew a beautiful crop top with balloon sleeves too but I never would have discovered that. I can look critically at brands I can afford like LC Lauren ConradELLE, and Old Navy to find elements that have a similar feeling. And I can scour thrift stores and the virtual aisles of Facebook BST's, Ebay, and resale apps like Poshmark to score a deal. It's rare but it happens. So, I am so grateful to have these amazing pieces grace the boards of my pinterest account even though that is as far as it will ever go. It's enough that we're here in this world together.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Links a la Mode

I know, I’m late because I wasn't even aware until today, but I’ve been featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links a la Mode! Please check out the other awesome post below!
Links à la Mode, February 18
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Electric Blue Pleats | Outfit

I was wandering the dimly lit aisles of St. Vinnie's in search of an embroidered cardigan when my hands slipped over a waterfall of electric blue knife pleats that spilled into a pool chevron. Because thrifting is all about exploration, I pulled the garment off the rack to discover a 60's style secretary dress that was oh, so lovely. The shape of the dress on the hanger said "size 6." The tag said "size 12." The elastic waistband and super stretchy fabric said "go for it."

It's so important to not limit yourself to the number on the tag because if it fits on your body and you like the way it looks, it's your size. That's a good rule to follow whether you're at a thrift store or the mall. As there is always a chance you could stumble upon a dress that fits from size 6 to 16 seamlessly.

Dress: Vintage, (similar vintage finds here, and heresimilar in 2-16similar in XS-XXLsimilar in 1X-3Xsimilar in 16-24 | Tights: similar in S-Lsimilar in 1X-6X | Belt: Target, similar in S-XL, similar in 14-24 | | Scarf: Thrifted, similar | Boots: Modcloth, similar | Lips: Colourpop's Liquid Lipstick in Bumble

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bible Quilt | Style Imitating Art


I love when Style Imitating Art pick has meaning behind it and these week's inspiration, Harriet Powers's Bible Quilt, is in honor of Black History Month. I was recently having a conversation with my six year old and I had to explain to him what slavery was. It was one of the hardest concepts I have had to explain to him so far. I just didn't know how to put it into terms that expressed the gravity of the situation without breaking his innocent little mind. Hopefully I managed it without any major parenting fails but, it left me feeling with all kinds of sick and sad feelings in my stomach.

My interpretation was inspired by the polka dots and the bits of black, brown, and red in the quilt. I have to say I wouldn't have actually put these shoes with this outfit but, after I had it all together, I realized just how right feels. Check out how the others interpreted the quilt tomorrow during the round up at Librarian for Life and Style.

Dat wind doe...

Cardigan: Eloquii, similar in SX-XXLsimilar in 1X-4X | Shirt: Thirfted, Similar in XS-XLsimilar in XL-3X | Pants: Maurices in XS-XXLExact in XL-4X | Shoes: Payless, similar | Lips: Colourpop Liquid Lipstick in Beeper

Friday, February 19, 2016

My Sister | Inspired

I would like to introduce a new feature over here at The Classy Junk that will highlight what in this big old world of ours inspires me to elevate myself and my style. I wanted to start with a person who has always been an inspiration to me and will always be an inspiration to me; my sister. I'm lucky because my sister and I are close and have always been close. She's one of my best friends and, even though she lives in Georgia, we talk everyday about everything that is going on in our lives.

Style wise we are very similar. We even own many of the same articles of clothing. The only real difference is she is spring and I am fall. She is all pastels and sweet colors while I am richly saturated and moody colors. Even this small difference urges me to experience the other end of the gradient and to try color schemes that bring out my candy coated side. When I am with her I am comforted to know that someone else can see the world the way I can, full of wonder and beauty to fill ourselves up with. 

But, her personality is what really loads me up in a rocket and shoots me to the moon. She's beauty personified but, she'll completely deny it because she's humble. She's the Grace Kelly of grace, capable of kindness and all encompassing love that I've never seen in anyone else. Except my mom but, where do you think she learned it from? Yet, (and here's my favorite part) she so spunky and full of sass too. She gets bored easily and winds up pulling me into all kinds of mischief, which is cool because I'm always up for some mischief. Her presences is always reminding me that you can never be kind enough to other people and to never remain stagnant. There is always more fun to be had out there if you just go knock on it's door and ask if it can come out to play.

In an ideal world, we'd live side-by-side in quaint, little houses. Popping over for visits every afternoon. I know a part of her would love this too but, another part of her is made of pure wanderlust and she's always looking to the distance for her next big adventure.

I know my time with her is finite. Sometimes it's years and sometimes it's days but, it always has an end date because she has many wonderful things to do. As Robert Frost said, "nothing gold can stay." My sister is the sunset that beams down on you for a moment. It's always brilliant and it's always bittersweet. Yet, you appreciate it because you can never capture it and when something that vivacious moves through your life it inspires you to look farther ahead, travel a little longer, and just seek out more from life. And it's ok because it's never gone forever. The moment the sun is out of your life it's moving towards the moment it comes back into your life again. 

Stay golden, little sister.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Stripes and Florals | Outfit

A kitchen table. Soft morning light falls through the window onto delicate hands. The hands rise and fall as coffee is brought to painted lips. Beside the beauty holding the ceramic cup are board shoulders that sit steeling themselves for the day ahead. The shoulders turn and a chair rumbles as it slides from the table. The delicate hands slide over the shoulders, feeling the strength just under the skin. Goodbyes are said and two people separate while heading towards a single purpose. Each individually giving their best to build an intersecting life.

A great marriage is built on two individuals offering their best to one another. Neither dominates and each becomes better in the presence of the other. That's my sappy way of saying that stripes and florals are the perfect power couple. Anti-climactic, right? Ahaha, what can I say. I'm a romantic.

But, seriously. I'm not sure anything else in the print world goes together as well as floral and stripes. Balance and visual interest abound! They each have strength to stand alone easily but, together they're unstoppable. 

When you're enjoying a beautiful floral that is soft and delicate, intricate and ornamental paired so well with the simple, straightforward masculinity of stripes, how can you not think of soulmates and true love? You'll give me a pass for waxing poetic so gratuitously, right? I knew you'd understand.

I'd love know what your favorite pattern pair is! What moves you to fancy prose? Let me know in the comments :)

 Cardigan: Modcloth | Shirt: Kohl's, similar in XS-XXL | Skirt: Modcloth, similar in XS-6X | Shoes: Target, similar | Tights: We Love Colors

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Style | Outfit

Mood board inspired outfit number two! This was inspired by the cuter images as I wore this to a children's party. Someone should have put a stamp on me because I felt like a valentine in this.

Interestingly enough my and my husband's story sort of begins on Valentine's day. We met when I was 15 and he laid the flirting on pretty thick. I was flattered by his attention and because I was 15, developed a little crush on him. Weeks went by and we started sitting next to each other at lunch and enjoying in some playful banter for the 30 minutes alloted for stuffing our faces.

I was absolutely sure he liked me and I was giddy with excitement. It was February and student council was selling those cheap carnations to have delivered to people on Valentine's day. A few days before the main event, and after a serious round of flirting with me, my crush sauntered up a to the student council table and bought some pink and red teenage dreams.

When the day came, I just knew this was going to be our moment. The kind of cute, cheesey moment that teen movies are made of and I had always dreamed about. I bounced around all day with excitement and finally the flowers came. A boy from student council came to the door with a big bunch of carnations and began passing out the 99 cent flowers. Marking each student as either accepted or rejected. Having never been the kind of girl that got those little trinkets delivered on these days, I was thrilled to finally have my little piece of adolescence validation.

Slowly his pile dwindled and my anticipation built as the boy walked closer to my desk and then it all fell to the floor like crepe paper the day after prom when he went right past me and delivered the whole stinking bunch to the girl in front of me. 

Turns out my husband is just a horrendous flirt. He apparently talked to every girl that way and he hadn't paid me much thought at all. And flowers he bought that day? Well those just happeneded to be for the girl who sat in front of me. Oh, yeah.

I still got my movie moment though because I was totally the Gretchen Weiners to her Glenn Cocoa.

And if your curious, Glenn Cocoa rejected him hard so, ha.

Cardigan: Target | Dress: Shop Apricity | Belt: Target, similar in S-Lsimilar in plus | Shoes: Thrifted, similar | Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood