Friday, February 19, 2016

My Sister | Inspired

I would like to introduce a new feature over here at The Classy Junk that will highlight what in this big old world of ours inspires me to elevate myself and my style. I wanted to start with a person who has always been an inspiration to me and will always be an inspiration to me; my sister. I'm lucky because my sister and I are close and have always been close. She's one of my best friends and, even though she lives in Georgia, we talk everyday about everything that is going on in our lives.

Style wise we are very similar. We even own many of the same articles of clothing. The only real difference is she is spring and I am fall. She is all pastels and sweet colors while I am richly saturated and moody colors. Even this small difference urges me to experience the other end of the gradient and to try color schemes that bring out my candy coated side. When I am with her I am comforted to know that someone else can see the world the way I can, full of wonder and beauty to fill ourselves up with. 

But, her personality is what really loads me up in a rocket and shoots me to the moon. She's beauty personified but, she'll completely deny it because she's humble. She's the Grace Kelly of grace, capable of kindness and all encompassing love that I've never seen in anyone else. Except my mom but, where do you think she learned it from? Yet, (and here's my favorite part) she so spunky and full of sass too. She gets bored easily and winds up pulling me into all kinds of mischief, which is cool because I'm always up for some mischief. Her presences is always reminding me that you can never be kind enough to other people and to never remain stagnant. There is always more fun to be had out there if you just go knock on it's door and ask if it can come out to play.

In an ideal world, we'd live side-by-side in quaint, little houses. Popping over for visits every afternoon. I know a part of her would love this too but, another part of her is made of pure wanderlust and she's always looking to the distance for her next big adventure.

I know my time with her is finite. Sometimes it's years and sometimes it's days but, it always has an end date because she has many wonderful things to do. As Robert Frost said, "nothing gold can stay." My sister is the sunset that beams down on you for a moment. It's always brilliant and it's always bittersweet. Yet, you appreciate it because you can never capture it and when something that vivacious moves through your life it inspires you to look farther ahead, travel a little longer, and just seek out more from life. And it's ok because it's never gone forever. The moment the sun is out of your life it's moving towards the moment it comes back into your life again. 

Stay golden, little sister.

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