Saturday, February 6, 2016

Catnip to a Girl Like Me | Outfit

Catwoman has always been one of my icons since Michelle Pfeifer fell from that building and straight into my heart. When other girls were pretending to be princesses, I was pretending to be a leather clad cat burglar with a whip. I mean  dont get me wrong. There was definitely princess action too but, if my four year old self had a priority list, cat woman was number one.

Passive Juice Motel has some of the best tees. They're designs range from a celebration of great people in history to mash ups of pop culture refrences. All their tees come in kid to adult sizes so, it's basically the only place I shop for my kid tees anymore. We're currently eyeing up this Star Wars for Amelie. My only complaint is how often they put Drake song lyrics on things. I am not a fan of that dude and there are a lot of tees I would have bought if not for the lyrics. But, that's just my hang up. I'm sure some people are thrilled with it and there are plenty of other designs for me to enjoy.

Flannel: Target, similar in XS-XXLsimilar in 1X-4X | T-Shirt: Passive Juice Motel | Skirt: JCPsimilar in 14-28 (on sale!) | Tights: We Love Colors | Boots: Modcloth, similar


  1. I LOVE that shirt! I've always really liked catwoman, too. Someday I want to dress as her for Halloween, although it'll take a lot to get me a pair of leather pants that fit right!


    1. Ah, yes! I've always wanted to do it but, I would want Michele Pfeiffer's exact costume and that's so not happening.

  2. That shirt is so rad! Great skirt! <3

    - Anna