Monday, February 15, 2016

Stripes and Florals | Outfit

A kitchen table. Soft morning light falls through the window onto delicate hands. The hands rise and fall as coffee is brought to painted lips. Beside the beauty holding the ceramic cup are board shoulders that sit steeling themselves for the day ahead. The shoulders turn and a chair rumbles as it slides from the table. The delicate hands slide over the shoulders, feeling the strength just under the skin. Goodbyes are said and two people separate while heading towards a single purpose. Each individually giving their best to build an intersecting life.

A great marriage is built on two individuals offering their best to one another. Neither dominates and each becomes better in the presence of the other. That's my sappy way of saying that stripes and florals are the perfect power couple. Anti-climactic, right? Ahaha, what can I say. I'm a romantic.

But, seriously. I'm not sure anything else in the print world goes together as well as floral and stripes. Balance and visual interest abound! They each have strength to stand alone easily but, together they're unstoppable. 

When you're enjoying a beautiful floral that is soft and delicate, intricate and ornamental paired so well with the simple, straightforward masculinity of stripes, how can you not think of soulmates and true love? You'll give me a pass for waxing poetic so gratuitously, right? I knew you'd understand.

I'd love know what your favorite pattern pair is! What moves you to fancy prose? Let me know in the comments :)

 Cardigan: Modcloth | Shirt: Kohl's, similar in XS-XXL | Skirt: Modcloth, similar in XS-6X | Shoes: Target, similar | Tights: We Love Colors

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