Thursday, April 11, 2013

Old Navy, I Like the Things You Do

I'd like to give a major shout out to Old Navy. Old Navy was always one of those stores that did not get much attention from me. Maybe it's because of it's terrible, cringe-worthy ads, but, I was always under the impression that the clothes there just weren't all that great. In the last couple of years I've started popping in now and then and I've discovered a plethora of adorable clothes.

You might not find amazing fashion forward pieces that totally blow your mind but, if you're in the market for cute, reasonably priced basics, Old Navy is a great option. Every wardrobe needs a good foundation of basics. Basics add maturity and dimension to outfits and can make a good outfit really chic. Mixing in some great basics to your show stopping pieces is just like adding salt and flour to your sugar and butter when baking cookies. You just have to do it or it doesn't turn out right.

The place where I have to give Old Navy the biggest props is in their sizing. Not only do they have a plus size range but, their regular size goes up to a 20 and the sizes are quite generous. It's really awesome of them to offer so many options. Both this dress and the chambray shirt, for example, were from the regular line and neither has any fit issues. I usually have to size up with button up shirts because I find the sleeves too tight and the buttons always gap at my chest. Not the case here. Great fit all the way around. I know I'm always on the quest for perfect button up shirts, something that doesn't gap or feel to tight but is fitted and shapely. That's a tough order to fill and this one does just that.

The dress is so comfortable and versatile. I can see a hundred spring/summer outfits as well as fall outfits since the color is light yet slightly grayed. I can already tell you these are going to be two of my favorite pieces this year. So, let's all give some love to Old Navy for being so awesome!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Style Imitating Art Time: Superhero Edition!

I know, right?

SIA couldn't be cooler this week. This is a mixed media piece by Alex Gross featuring Captain America painted over a vintage photograph. Amahzing.

Despite the fact that I am not a nerd at all I have a major lady boner for superhero movies. Of course, my favorites are the Batman movies, any Batman movie. But, I am really into the Avenger movies too. They are exactly what a superhero movie should be. Humorous, action-packed, touches of romance, visually simulating, and full of man candy. Whenever Husband drags me to the newest movie I pretend to put up a fight but really, I can't wait to watch a twenty foot Robert Downing Jr./Chris Hemsworth/Chris Evans prance around on the screen for me. They are very well made movies that don't take themselves too seriously. As opposed to Christopher Nolan turning a comic about a man dressing up as a spandex bat into parables about the fears of modern society and although I love them, it's a little pretentious. I'm just saying.

That's my round about way of saying I was pretty excited to put together a Captain America look for SIA. And I'm sure I'm missing some higher meaning that this piece is converying but, I don't care. Too Excited.

Sweater - Target, Top - Target, Skirt - Target, Tights - Walmart, Socks - Target, Boots - Target, Belt - Asos, Lips - Mac in So Chaud

I was inspired by the typical superhero mask to create a dramatic eye look. I used Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk, the dark blue shade in Cover Girl's Tropical Fusion Quad, and the white shade in Bare Minerals The Star Treatment palette as a highlight. I also contoured and highlighted my bone structure to give myself...well any appearance of  bone structure.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sometimes I Just Don't Know What to Call These Things

Do any of you know what sciatica is? Well, if you don't, lucky you. It's inflammation of the sciatic nerve that causes a lot of pain. Your sciatic nerve starts on your lower spine, or in other words, your butt, and travels along your leg. I got sciatica from my pregnancies and every once in a while it still flares up. I'm pretty sure it's hereditary because the same thing happens to my mom.

This dress is so comfortable. It's a nice A-line that camouflages but, doesn't add extra volume and the swiss dot detailing on top is sweet.

The blouse is billowy with an adorable owl pattern and it is the first thing I ever saw from Dorothy Perkins. I knew she and I would get along at first sight.

Some days, my sciatic nerve will throb all day long and I can literally trace my nerve down my thigh, around my knee, down my shin, and into my foot. Other days, it will go from 0 to dropping me to my knees in a half a second. I'm not kidding. I'll be walking along all normal like and out of nowhere, my whole leg will seize up from stabbing, screaming pain. The only thing that has saved me from falling flat on my face thus far is the convenience of well placed furniture.

Yesterday my husband came home from work to find me down the basement sitting in a pile of laundry. All he had to say was, "Sciatic nerve?" The pile of laundry had been the closest thing to me when my leg seized up and it was all I could do to lower myself on to the soft, stinky pile. I had been stuck down there for a half hour, browsing the internet on my phone, to afraid to walk up the steep, rickety basement stairs.

Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal
Sciatica is like an annoying friend that likes to pop up and pull nasty pranks on you. Everyone gets a good laugh at your expense and you have to let a little bit of your dignity go. It's definitely not the worst thing in the world and sometimes it's a really good excuse to be lazy. But, seriously, I am waiting for the day it makes me fall and smash my face on the floor in front of everyone I know.

This is what I did in this outfit. Arm wrestled my sister in Cousin's.