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7 Easy to Thrift Pieces to Enhance Your Autumn Wardrobe | Advice

Fall edit, update, haul, whatever you want to call it, we all need a refresh when the calendar happily dances into autumn. Each item listed below is a must have for any person of any style variety for the cool, crisp months heralded by bloggers all over the world. These seven articles of clothing are style elevators. They are sophisticated, timeless classics that can be mixed into an existing wardrobe or implemented into a capsule wardrobe for chic, minimalism. They add interest and luxury to any outfit and can be styled in numerous ways to fit different lives. But, the best part is each item can be easily found at thrift stores for exceptionally less than at a typical retailer.

You can thrift pretty much anything. Jeans that mold to your body, moto jackets, and high end dresses are all pieces I have seen others thrift or thrifted myself. But, that takes patience and dedication. All the items listed below are for the casual thrifter. The person who pops in every few months or less and doesn't make scoring spectacular pieces an actual job. If you visit multiple thrift stores in your area, you could probably score every single item in one day. That's how prevalent all of these pieces are in normal thrift stores. Everything you see below was thrifted by me in two shopping trips a week apart.

1. Hats

Knit or felt, fedora, bowler, or beret, thrift stores have all the hats. Adding a hat to your outfit is the marker of a truly thoughtful dresser. They embody style and interest and set you apart from the masses. Most people only wear hats to serve a function like keeping warm in the winter, but hats can marry form and function quite well. The beautiful materials formed into pleasing shapes can guard you from the cold, protect you from the rain, and hide a bad hair day. No brainer!

2. Neutral Sweater

These can be found in black, grey, camel, ivory, navy, etc. You could swim in all the sweater in a Goodwill. Look for details like fine merino wool, eyelet patterns, cable knit, or high necks because these are the finer points that take your outfit from nice to lovely. Wearing a neutral and adding interest through intricate construction or high quality yarn (good yarn has a soft halo that is visibly plush) is instant elegance. That's what sweaters were invented for, obviously. Plus, the neutral colors will allow you pair it with basically everything. Jeans and skirts. Solids and prints. You can even even pop it over a dress for an extra cute and cozy look.

Pro tip: Look in several sections. Sweaters are very stretchy and depending on your fit needs, you can easily go up or down in size. Also, don't forget to check the men's section!

3. Flannel Shirt

This is not a genius, light bulb moment. Flannels are quintessential fall wear and everyone with boots is wearing them. But, there's a reason everyone loves them and it's because they're amazing. Warm, colorful, and graphic - flannels have been a classic for generations. Take your flannel game to the next level by stepping outside of the flannel, boots, and infinity scarf archetype and use it as a layering piece instead. They can be worn tied at the waist on dresses with full skirts, open over tight dresses, or worn under basically everything, letting just the collar peek out.

Now this is a tiny bit of cheating on my part because, unlike everything else featured here, this particular flannel was not thrifted. My mom gave it to my husband for Christmas and since I have regular access to it, I've never felt the need to thrift one of my own. Yet, it is still within the spirit of this tip because, while women's flannels can be sporadic, men's flannels are abundant. Definitely head to the men's section for this one, especially if you are plus-sized, because the options are much better.

4. Embellished Cardigan

Like the pullover sweater, the cardigan is a mainstay of the thrift store landscape. There is a rainbow of options, but since we are enhancing your wardrobe, look for ones with embellishments. Think beading, embroidery, or even fun prints. Basically you are looking for special details that add a hint of distinction. I'm very fond of floral embroidery to add a little "granny chic" to my modern dresses. It's a fun, unique way to transcend the average fashion choices of today, but, there are plenty of options that could satisfy a sleek or modern aesthetic, as well.

Remember knits are stretchy. Don't be afraid to look in several size sections.

5. Blouse with an interesting neckline

This can be a shirt collar, ruffles, trimming, or a pussy bow. All add a bit of something extra to your look and can be worn alone or layered under cardigans, pullovers, or dresses. There is almost nothing that doesn't benefit from a collared shirt and adding just this one extra layer can turn your outfit into a purposeful and intelligent moment.

6. Wool Skirt

Or a similarly weighted skirt. This item is about making the copious amounts of donated business attire work for you. Wool is an expensive looking fabric that doesn't ebb and flow with the trends. It's a wardrobe standard. It's classic, it's cozy, and it often comes in plaid, which is always a bonus.

Pro Tip: Hemming a skirt is an easy sewing skill to acquire even if you don't have a machine. The grey skirt pictured above was a frumpy looking maxi skirt that was loaded with potential. The brand is Ralph Lauren, it's 100% wool, and it has pockets. Hello. All I had to do was zip it through my sewing machine to take it from a dowdy maxi to a cute mini perfect for wearing with thick tights. The green, plaid skirt pictured above was vintage, 100% wool, and made for a much taller person. Zip, zip, zip. Dream skirt! So, shop for any length of skirt and when you get home grab a scissors, needle, and thread and customize!

7. Oxfords

These are not the exact oxfords I thrifted recently as I'm not sure where the new ones are hiding right now. But, these were thrifted and the fact that I have multiple oxfords to choose from illustrates how easy they are to find. 

Oxfords are all generally the same shape and are characterized by the lace-up closure, but you can find oxfords to suit any style. The ones pictured above are of the brogue variety which means they have multiple pieces and decorative perforations. These are my favorite and are great for a modern vintage aesthetic. But, they also range from simple leather all the way to crazy colors and materials and opting for oxfords with a typical jeans and t-shirt look instantly ups your style quotient.

Now, my lovelies, you are armed with a plan. Go forth and score some deals!

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