Friday, September 23, 2016

Finding a Style Mission Statement | Outfit + Advice

I heard something interesting the other day. Someone told me that her style goal is to, every day, look cute, but also look like she could kill a man. Not only did I immediately fall in love with this person, but I was also struck by the idea of having a style goal in this context. As in when you walk out your door what is the first feeling you want others to have about you based on how you've styled your clothing. I've seen people talk about wanting to wear more hats, be more girly, be more comfortable, etc, but the idea of having a master goal for the overall aesthetic of your style was something I hadn't committed to tangible thought. 

I've discussed the concept of having five words to define your style in this post here, yet that is somewhat different than what I am talking about today. That's more like the bullet points that come after the overall goal, or mission statement of your style.

The moment this concept was brought to my attention I knew immediately what my style goal is. Every day, when I walk into my closet and start puzzling the pieces of my wardrobe into a complete picture what I hope to accomplish is to look like I am going to go read in the coffee shop with a giant mug of black, fragrant coffee in my hand after spending the morning scouring antique shops and thrift stores for oddities. I want to look like books, good coffee, and piles of dusty, discarded treasures. I want to look like warmth, curiosity, and intelligent prose.

No matter the season or my mood, I can find this standard in my style. If I am feeling dark and villainous, sweet and spunky, or wild and free spirited, I can identify the criterion of my style goal in everything I do. It's in the rich colors, the luxurious or delicate fabrics, the humorous t-shirts, and the attention to detail that layers thought and care into each outfit.

So, now I am curious about all of you. If you clear your mind and draw up the first feeling you have about your style, what comes to mind? Is it an action? Is it a place? Is it a feeling? What is at the core of your style and how does that translate into outfits? Are there colors or fabrics or prints that exemplify this gut instinct for you? Identifying this is quite freeing. It helps you understand that you are not trying to create something out of nothing when you are curating a style and everything you need to know is already in you. Trust the core and find your way, loves!

Do you have a style mission statement? Were you inspired to identify yours after reading this or did you already have one that you carried with you in your mind? Please, discuss this with me in comments!

Top: Modcloth | Cami: Maurices (same in plus) | Jeans: Torrid (similar in straight sizes, similar in plus) | Shoes: Torrid (similar) | Hat: Target | Lips: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria

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