Thursday, January 17, 2013

Outfit Noir

While this monochromatic outfit may be a safe play for someone else, it's actually way out of my comfort zone. I'm happiest when drenched in colors and patterns. Even if I do look like a walking circus half the time. That's just my style, yo.

I didn't set out to put a monochromatic outfit together. I've had these leggings since September but, I didn't have anything to wear with them. As a result of my lacking wardrobe/creativity, I just wound up wearing them to bed the night before. Just as I was about to get ready, the mailman dropped off this gorgeous Asos top on my doorstep. That guy always knows what to get me. I swear

I was so enamored with this origami top on the website that I couldn't wait to try it. I rushed upstairs and threw it on over my pajamas. Unexpectedly,  I loved the whole effect and that's how I wound up wearing nothing but black and grey. I like to experiment so, I went with it.

The plan was to add color through shoes and accessories. I dove into the jewelry box for a colorful statement necklace and I came out with this lovely neutral brooch made from recycled book covers from Modcloth - You guys know I couldn't resist this, right? 

Then, winter in Wisconsin busted my plans for bright colored heels as it is entirely unpleasant to walk around with cold wet feet. Just remember, Winter, your days are numbered.

And that is rollicking tale of how I came to wear a monochromatic outfit. Real nail biter wasn't it? 

Trying to hold my top down cause it was crazy windy, y'all.
Another detail making me a little uncomfortable with this outfit? Even though I love leggings, I am firmly against the whole leggings as pants thing. So, the rules? As long as your butt is covered your good. The problem? I don't think this top is technically a tunic. Luckily, my 5'4'' frame kept me in the appropriate butt-covered zone.

So, there you have it, Outfit Noir.

Peace out!


  1. You nailed it! It was fun reading your train of thought for this outfit. :)

    I know I've got a drawer full of leggings that always stump me when it comes to styling. I wish the mailman would just deliver cool things to me. lol

  2. Thanks!

    I don't know why patterned leggings are such puzzler but, they are!

  3. hahaha im a usual walking circus too, the more color the better! and i love how your mail man knew *just* what to get you- that top was the perfect thing for those leggings!

    xo Marlen
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    1. Thank you!

      I am a total color addict. In my wardrobe, I consider purple, green, and yellow as neutrals, lol.