Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ways to Wear: Fabulously Festive on New Years Eve

This month the Ways to to Wear Challenge was Fabulously Festive and it was our job to interpret that the way we wanted to for the season. As I thought about this challenge, I knew my Christmas dress was very similar to my LBD and I wanted to do something a little bit different. So, I chose to use my New Years Outfit.

Skirt--Forever 21 +
Shoes--Steve Madden

I wish my pictures were better but, I just haven't been able to brave the bitter cold that has settled over us to take pictures outside. Sorry, guys.
 I bought this outfit way back in September to wear on New Year's Eve and I just want to say that I want to make a lifetime commitment to this shirt. I spent way more on it then I would normally pay for a sleeveless top but, it is just so beautiful I couldn't stop myself. The top is entirely beaded and sheer so, I feel very daring when I wear it. The whole top feels like luxury  The beading looks like it's floating on the sheer material and because of the weight of the top it hangs perfectly. It was just right for the occasion even if I did have to give out emergency instructions to whole party on how to protect this top if things started to get messy.*

I went with a little bit of a female tuxedo look with the cropped tuxedo jacket and the belt was my version of a bow tie. I like the little androgynous touches to an otherwise girly outfit. Sheer, beading, lace, tulle, and polka dot tights should look crazy but it works well here with the toned down color story.

Just some of my favorite pictures of the night.
 Do you ever have a moment when you are looking through the pictures from the crazy night before and you come to one and you are like..."What the *blank* am I doing in this picture?" Yeah, that's the middle picture for me. Don't know what I was doing. Don't know how that happened. Love it anyway.

I really don't get out much. I'm a mom. What can you expect? But, I love taking full advantage of the few nights of the year that I don't have my children and this was a good night!

*That was my classy way of saying I'm a puker.


  1. Ooooh you fooled me. I thought that was a dress. Super cute! Also, I really have to get me some swiss dot tights.

    1. I have been looking for a pair of swiss dot tights for a while and I thought I scored with these. Unfortunately, I slipped on some ice on my way out the door just five minutes after I took these pictures and tore them, and my shins, up. :(

  2. I've got the same tights! And I creepily read your comment above about you ripping yours - totally ripped mine right away too. I'm usually very careful! I found a pair of white ones from Ashley Stewart, they were so delicate and of course, within the first day they ripped. I guess dotted tights are not meant to last. :(

    But you look super snazzy in your NYE look! I definitely laughed at your party pictures. I guess you were just being in the moment and having fun!

    1. Lol, that's not creepy! Although, I can't imagine any tights would have held up to that fall. I slid down three porch steps on my shins before I caught myself on the railings. The pose I was striking at the end was actually dance-like. Haha! But, you've inspired me to search high and low for durable swiss dot tights! They have to be out there! If I find them I will let you know!