Friday, December 28, 2012

Knittin' Like a Mother Effer!

I spent the last year teaching myself to knit using a combination of books and youtube videos. It has been a grueling process and I almost gave up the first time I tried to read a knitting pattern. That stuff looks like algebra, guys.

But, I actually did it and I felt confident taking on a huge project for Christmas. I decided to give all the lovely ladies on my Christmas list a handmade scarf. I started in August and managed to accomplish knitting 8 scarves by Christmas Eve. I was derailed a little bit by the house thing so I still have two scarves left to knit. It's ok though. One is for me and one is for someone we do a late Christmas with so it will be ready in time.

My mom showing off the "presentation"

My lovely sister modeling her scarf
It felt so personal giving everyone something that I put so much time and effort into and it seemed like everyone appreciated it. I really want to make this a tradition and knit something special every year. Maybe by next Christmas I'll be able to knit mittens or hats!


  1. those are pretty awesome!!

  2. Aw what a sweet idea, your sister made me giggle with the way she modeled it :)

    Janine xx