Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What a Merry Christmas We Had!

After getting the house we waited so long for right at Christmas time, in a complete "Miracle on 34th Street" manner, we could barely ask for more. But, we were still blessed with a wonderful Christmas too. My whole family came over to the house Christmas morning to open presents and have a huge breakfast.

Santa found his way to our new house!
I made homemade hot chocolate that was INCREDIBLE

Pecan tarts
Table setting and cranberry orange bread
Cinnamon rolls

I was originally planning to wear the dress I was wearing in the above pictures but, I didn't have my brown tights. So, I threw this together to go to my Husband's family Christmas. My mom gave me the sweater that morning and I was so excited to finally have a reason to wear this amazing modcloth skirt that I got on sale.Our Christmas day is a little more casual so, I kept it comfy with the socks and sweater with the skirt being a little special touch. I didn't pictures of my sparkly party dress that I wore on Christmas Eve which means I will have to recreate it to show you all!

Obviously, I still had to wear my Christmas socks

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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