Friday, February 26, 2016

Jibri | Inspired

I stumbled upon the plus size designer Jibri while browsing the hallowed bits and bites of instagram and I basically didn't stop stalking them for days. I was in love. If I had to chose one brand of clothing to wear forever and never let another designer touch my pale, pale skin again, it would be Jibri. The clothing is colorful, sophisticated, splattered in prints, vintage inspired with a modern twist, and the cuts, the cuts! The drama they employ in their oversized crops, balloon sleeves, and draping! I am hemorrhaging wonder and awe over here.

Have swim suit cover ups ever existed that were so beautiful? The answer is yes but not since the divine Grace Kelly sauntered across the movie screen in High Society.

This little mustard, teal, and green number up here is essentially my ideal outfit, hair included. The proportions of the thick waistband paired with the oversized top and full skirt give the outfit this great nipped in, structured look that just flows right into free movement. The effect is stunning and works well to combine casual and dramatic, feminine flair.

And this little dollop of delightfulness here takes me to the moon and back. It's so cool and quirky. That head to toe print is perfect in a black and white color scheme and that little wine colored hat at the top? Oh, yeah. You know I'm into that. This whole outfit says I love my body, I love my style, and I'm going to strut it all I want because it's good. We all need some of that in our lives. 

I am the "throw myself on the nearest object and sob dramatically" type of sad that I will never be able to actually afford these most amazing clothes; which I am sure they are worth the cost and if I could put a mortgage payment toward getting an outfit or two...but you things...

Which is why Jibri will forever linger in my Inspired section and never make it to an Outfit post. But, it's OK because the mere existence of these photos allows me to ask myself what I can do. I can sew a mean skirt. Maybe I can I sew a beautiful crop top with balloon sleeves too but I never would have discovered that. I can look critically at brands I can afford like LC Lauren ConradELLE, and Old Navy to find elements that have a similar feeling. And I can scour thrift stores and the virtual aisles of Facebook BST's, Ebay, and resale apps like Poshmark to score a deal. It's rare but it happens. So, I am so grateful to have these amazing pieces grace the boards of my pinterest account even though that is as far as it will ever go. It's enough that we're here in this world together.

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