Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yes, Herbal Essences, I Will Say Yes Again!

I made an emergency run to the store in the middle of a snow storm for diapers and wipes and while I was there I decided to pick up a few extra things that we needed. I was meandering through the health and beauty section trying to decide how dire our bodywash situation was when I remembered we needed shampoo. I grabbed our usual brand and for some unknown reason I took a glance at the Herbal Essences section. 
For one glorious year, in high school, I exclusively used the Herbal Essences in the yellowish-green bottle. It did incredible things for my hair and I had visceral feelings for the smell that would linger in my hair forever. But, some idiots decided to mess everything up and change Herbal Essences to appeal to a younger crowd. The new shampoos and conditioners were horrible. They made my hair feel like straw and that signature Herbal Essences smell was gone. This was not the organic experience I wanted! When I say that I have sadly thought about this shampoo every time I have bought shampoo for the last 7 years I am not exaggerating.

But, today, sitting on the shelf like a beacon of hair care glory was my shampoo. Could it really be? I held on to my skepticism as I reached for the bottle and popped the lid. The second the lid was open a bazillion scent angels sky rocketed at my face and released their lovely herbal missiles into my nose. This was it! The scent that I had dreamed of for years! The delicious fruity, flower scent that just wouldn't quit! And right there, in Walmart, I gave up all semblance of dignity to various facial expression of shock, lots of joyful squeaking, and the happy dance of all happy dances. (in my head I am saying that last part like Schmidt from New Girl). I ditched my other bottle of shampoo has fast as I could and booked it to the check out counter terrified that some Herbal Essences CEO was going to pop out of no where laughing manically and rip it from my hands.

I did a little research when I got home and found out that the line is back for good! Herbal Essences has been having terrible sales lately (because their product is crap) and they decided to try to boost sales by bringing back the a few old shampoos promoted by throwback commercials inspired by the old highly suggestive ads. Even though I'm really late to the game as usual and it's likely you all know this already since the commercial premiered at that Grammy's, I am so pumped!

They did change the formula a little to make it sulfate free though so, I am definitely eager to see if it is as good as it was 7 years ago.

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