Wednesday, March 13, 2013

“Reserving Judgments is a Matter of Infinite Hope” - The Great Gatsby

I've had my eye on this sweatshirt for a long time because I am always on the hunt for clothes that make you rethink what "comfortable" should be. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books and I've always been drawn to the cover art so, this sweatshirt was a huge winner for me. Unfortunately, the biggest one they offered was two sizes too small. I waited and watched to see if it would be offered in extended sizes and when that didn't happen, I checked the reviews in the hopes that it ran big. Lucky for me, all the reviews said it ran large!

When it came, I could not have been happier. It fit perfectly. It fit exactly the way I would have wanted it to fit if I had ordered it from the plus-size section. Amazing! The quality of it is amazing too, soft and warm but not at all bulky. I am really glad I took a chance on this one.

I added my lace collar necklace to dress it up a little and of course I had to wear my yellow hat that I've been living in this winter.

Had to move to find better lighting.

Add some loafers and I'm definitely ready for a day snuggled up on the couch reading a good book. Or maybe to the premiere of a movie based on one of your favorite books directed by one of your favorite directors? Oh yeah. May 10th can't come fast enough.

It's just further proof that you can't always rely on sizes. If you know what materials and cuts allow for extra room and how you like particular items to fit, you can take a chances on things that aren't perfect on paper, especially when the reviews lean in your favor.


  1. Adorable casual outfit! I really have to read that book before the movie comes out. I feel like I started to read it maybe in high school or college but never finished.

    I see they have the Out of Print Pride and Prejudice sweatshirt on their website, too! That's been on my wishlist for years. I should just buy it already.

    1. Thanks! I think a cute, casual outfit can be just as valuable as a glamorous outfit in your wardrobe. And yes! Definitely read that book! So good! I really want to reread it before the movie comes because I need a refresher before I see it. So excited!

      Also, yes! You should buy the Pride and Prejudice sweatshirt because you can never have enough literary inspired clothing in your life!