Monday, March 25, 2013

Style Imitating Art Time!

Yellow Roses in a Vase, Gustave Calliebotte
Sweater - Gap, Shirt - Torrid, Dress - eShakti, Shoes - DSW, Lipstick - Bed Head Girls Just Want It in Hope

What do flowers, impressionist paintings, and great outfits have in common? Layers. Layers of petals, layers of colors, and layers of clothes. Clearly, an outfit inspired by an impressionist painting of flowers needed to have layers. I was also inspired by the multitude of colors from the painting and I pulled out three of my favorites to incorporate into my outfit. I chose this amazing eShakti dress because of the color but, also because of the tulip shape. I love how the skirt looks like it is blooming from the layers of the shirt and cardigan.

This is my favorite button up shirt, my favorite dress, my favorite lightweight cardigan, and my favorite color scheme (obviously it's the same color scheme as my dinning room) but, I have never but these things together like this before and I just don't know why. This is probably my favorite outfit I've featured on this blog to date. It's just so me. I guess when you use beautiful things to inspire your clothes beautiful things happen.

This Torrid shirt is so soft and works with so much. It really is a wardrobe staple.

These were my Valentine's Day gift from my husband and even though I can't wear them outside yet, their awesomeness was busting it's way through my closet to get onto a blog post.


  1. That really is a lovely color combo. I wouldn't have expected that rose-ish/mauve to work with mustard, but it does! Looks great.

    1. Thanks! It is absolutely one of my favorite color combos and I love how adding a little neutral creates the perfect amount of dimension.

  2. Beautiful. The bow on your dress is too cute!