Thursday, March 21, 2013

Save and Splurge for Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring and I hope for many of you that the weather reflects the recent equinox. I imagine spring is making it's way to us by slowly trudging through our knee-deep snow. But, for now those of us in Wisconsin are resigning ourselves to the fact that winter is trying to last forever.

Even so, when you live in a place where winter is a nine month long affair, you begin to just pretend that it's spring. You start stripping off layers of outerwear like people are paying you dollar bills for it. You slip and slide on ice and let your feet freeze because you just cannot bear the thought of wearing boots for one more day. Temperatures rise above freezing and it becomes a good day to crack a few windows and momentarily air the house out.

It's even possible that if Wisconsinites didn't use the thick skin and stubborn mindset that winter endues upon us to force spring to happen, winter might never end. We might even quite literally beat winter back with our sturdy, weather-hardened character. So, you know what world? You're welcome that while you are off enjoying spring and all it's wonders we are here stopping never ending winter from spreading to you. You are welcome.

Boy! That went in a direction I wasn't expecting. Bah! Anyway, on top of forcing winter to leave us the eff alone for our three blissful months of warm weather, another thing you can enjoy in the Midwest during spring is updating your wardrobe with all the lovely new pieces that are coming out! Yay, fun, exciting, happy things!

If you are like me you will be seeing tons of things that you would love to take home and treat real nice like but, your budget just does not allow it. This is a comparison of some of the things I have had my eye on in the last couple months and the cheaper alternatives that I stumbled upon. While it is not always possible to find budget-friendly alternatives to pieces that you love, I find it always helps to use a save and splurge technique when updating your wardrobe for any season.

Untitled #15

Some of the things I knew I wanted to get my hands on this spring were a black skirt, a colorful printed skirt, a taupe colored skirt, a floral print sundress, and a constellation necklace (to enable my galaxy obsession). Not all of these are related to spring but, a changing season is a good time to evaluate holes that need to be filled since you are already out there looking at clothes anyway.

Untitled #14
This was not meant to be almost exclusively Target as I had a couple other pieces from other stores that I wanted to use but either the high-end option or the discounted option became unavailable.

All of these pieces are good options and all the stores I mention are places that I love and regularly shop at so, I am not saying that any one store is better than another. These are my opinions on these specific pieces and what I would ultimately choose for myself and my budget. When I shop I like to consider all my options and break things down to basic pros and cons and see where I am willing to compromise. The black skirt from Target is very similar to the Asos skirt in color and shape and even has a brown belt.  The taupe skirt has a button front and pockets which are details I can never have enough of. I like the Target sundress better because I prefer regular hems to hi-low hems and the structure of the Target floral print skirt lends itself to easy summer dressing as you can throw it on without worrying about adding that extra layer of shapewear, unlike a pencil skirt. I say, on these items, save away!

Now that I have compromised on several items that I would be proud to own, I might have a little wiggle room to purchase the more expensive constellation necklace as I prefer the needlepoint style and the quality. And that is how I will be saving my way to a splurge this spring.

Happy shopping!


Keep in mind that by buying the cheaper options you are most likely losing out on quality and for some people that might mean throw-away-fashion. If you have a lot of clothes in your regular rotation and you follow the care instructions, you probably won't notice much of a difference on wear-and-tear. I expect to get full use out of anything I buy and if the quality looks iffy, I won't buy it no matter the price.

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