Sunday, March 10, 2013

I've Loved the Stars too Fondly

Are you guys getting sick of seeing these boots? Oh, good. Me either.

I can't say exactly where my fascination with space started. Did it start when I was five years old and my whole family would lay in my grandparents' backyard in the middle of the night to watch meteor showers?  Was it the first time I was awed by the wonders of a planetarium in fourth grade? Maybe it was the camping trips we took that turned into all night star-gazing. 

I imagine all these times were the seeds that started my interest but, what really brought it to life is the way I feel when I look into the night sky. I start thinking about everything else that is out there and I feel like I am being swallowed whole by the immensity of it all. It makes me feel insignificantly small and yet completely infinite. How can I worry about little things when there is a whole universe out there that is just so much more. We are just a spec in the universe and all of our worldy problems will erode and disappear like they never were yet, we are as much of the universe as anything can be.

It can be quite exhausting looking into the night sky.

Naturally, I was enthralled with the galaxy print clothing that I started to see. The first galaxy print dress I ever saw was on The Clothes Horse and immediately I thought, "this is perfect and it needs to be in my life." Since then, I have kept my eye out for the perfect dress but, it just didn't exist yet and when I have something in my mind, I will not settle. There was a fun dress from Domino Dollhouse that I really considered but while it was adorable, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Simply Be came very close with a galaxy print maxi dress but, there was something about the material that was holding me back.

I was getting all up in knots after the frustration of a few "almosts" and I was close to giving up the fight when I decided to just check Etsy. I knew it wasn't likely but I just had to see. Would it exist there? 

After browsing through a ton of overpriced circle skirts, I came across this. I didn't let myself get too excited but, I did message the shop owner and ask if she would be willing to make me a custom fit dress. I was so nervous to get a reply back but, she said yes! She was really great to work with and after a few tweaks we settled on the details.

It's was a little hard to swallow the price as I have never spent that much on any article of clothing before. But, the perfect dress customized to my body is worth more than being able to run to target and pick up a handful of things I only liked. Sometimes it has to be about quality over quantity.

I waited rather impatiently the entire six weeks being terrified that it was going to be lost in the mail, or it wouldn't fit, or something equally horrible. But, it came and it was beautiful and it fit beautifully and it's all just beautiful. I can't recommend this seller or her Etsy shop, Cyanide Kiss more. If you are looking for a beautiful printed, retro style dress, go do the dang thing!

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