Friday, April 29, 2016

Black and Taupe | Outfit

I love this outfit. Once more for the people in the back! I love this outfit! It just felt like home. Sometimes, dressing up is about manifesting a character within yourself. Other times it just feels like nesting inside yourself and it is good.

I know most people have come to expect lots of color from me to the point where if I'm not wearing a rainbow I get comments. Which is fine. I know I can do color well, but I find myself gravitating more and more towards neutrals. It might just be the challenge of doing something different, but I totally get lost in the depths. Greys that swim with purple or blue. Beiges that ride the line right between warm and cool. They have a dimension that other colors don't. Maybe I'm growing up. Maybe it's just wanting to master a new skill. I don't know yet. That's the cool part though. I don't have to know. I can just enjoy.

This day was one of those days that was just as wonderful as the pictures make it seem. There are no camera tricks here. No chaos or arguments that can sometimes be behind the images we compose. I was inhaling and exhaling with easy content while we laid in a cozy pile watching the sun set over the hill. The fire was warm. The breeze was soothing. The s'mores were delicious. We walked some trails and the kids ran around with new friends playing ghost in the graveyard. As the night was spreading out before us, I felt infinite. 

 Shirt: Target (similar in straight sizes, similar in plus) | Skirt: Modcloth (similar in straight size) | Tights: Target (similar in plus) | Scarf: Maurices (similar) | Shoes: Thrifted (similar) | Floral Crown: Amazon | Lips: Colourpop's Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Beeper

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