Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Take Me to the Candy Shop Roundup | Inspired

If I were going to curate a collection of clothing for spring that exemplified my feelings for the liberating months that follow winter, this is what I would dream up. These simple pieces of fabric, made up of color and pattern, are bits and bobs that are capable of evoking an afternoon walk through town when the sun is warm and the wind is just a bit chilly, when there are flowers budding and everyone feels just a bit lighter. Creating each of these looks, in the spirit of nostalgia and youthful joys, helped me to appreciate these moments that make up this time of year so much more. Eventually leaf will subside to leaf and dawn will go down to day as Robert Frost says of these golden times, but knowing I was able to breath them in, to let them saturate, before they faded away is absolutely everything.

So, if there were ever a reason in our crazy, mixed up world that you, too, would need an entire week's worth of candy themed outfits, here's your go-to guide!





I hope you enjoyed this blog series as much as I did! I might just have another blog series based on another mood board in mind for this summer. Check out my pinterest and try to guess which one. A lifetime supply of happiness will be awarded to the first person to get it right! But, now it's time to say peace out to the sweets and get back to business as usual around here.

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