Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Take Me to the Candy Shop #2 | Inspired + Outfit

There is a very good chance that I never would have put this many colors together in one outfit with out a neutral if it weren't for this mood board. And even though I expected to feel clownish, I actually loved it. Mint, yellow, and blush mix so well together that it felt completely natural. I highly recommend this candied color scheme to anyone!

This series is turning into a sentimental tour of my favorite spots. This gelato shop is one of the first places we fell in love with when we moved to our new town and started exploring. We regularly visit it after checking out the farmer's market because why not? Gelato is incredibly yummy and I would also recommend IT to anyone! I usually go for the nut flavors but this time around I tried "Grandma's Fluff" because stinking fruit fluff is my favorite picnic food and my grandma made the best. It was fruity with a nice dose of coconut and a heavy helping of marshmallow. All good things. All good things. And my kids definitely agreed. Big bowl of gelato, four happy family.

This outfit actually came together on it's own. They were all things I pulled out to pair with other pieces when I was planning my candy shop outfits. None of it was working and I almost scrapped all of it until I saw how nicely this all looked together laying in the pile of rejects. The skirt has been in and out of my toss pile for years. The fabric is thin and wrinkley and I don't wear it often but that color keeps sucking me back in. I'm happy it hasn't lost it's battle with me yet so I suppose that's a good sign.

Shirt: thrifted (similar) | Skirt: Old Navy (similar in straight sizes, similar in plus) | Belt: Target (similar in plus) | Shoes: Kohl's (similar) | Headband: Forever 21 (similar) | Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills in Pure Hollywood

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