Friday, October 26, 2012

OOTD - Leg Warmers

I was on the fence about leg warmers as I feel it's one of those trend that a lot of people make fun of but, I secretly really liked them. I'm a huge fan of any type of knitwear. If I could wear sweater bras, I would. Seriously, slap a cable knit on it and I will put it on my body.

So, here I am saying, if you don't like leg warmers...too bad! I do! And I really love them with heels. I was saving up for these from Urban Outfitters until I found these similar looking wedges at Target with a buy one get on half off sale. I am pretty pleased with them. They are comfortable, easy to walk in, and adorable.

I kept the rest of my outfit very basic to let the legwarmers and heels be the shiny star. Also, anything a Midwesterner wears instantly becomes 43% tackier and since I was already rocking something that others might consider questionable, I wanted to keep it as chic as possible. 

Now it's your turn! Go out and rock something you've been afraid to try!