Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Rock a Band Tee 101

There are three items of clothing that I simply do not believe should be worn in public; sweatpants, sweatshirts, and graphic tees. That being said, I believe there is always a place for a good rock tee. Many of the tees have great designs and you went to the concert, got the shirt, why not show it off? But, there are right and wrong ways to do it. Now, none of what I am saying has any more weight then my own meandering experience, but, this is how I rock a band tee.

I have a pretty large chest so generally, crew necks look terrible on me. The first thing I do to my band tees is to cut the collars off. Normally, I wouldn't support this, but the raw edge just goes with the aesthetic of a band tee and the end result looks something like a scoop neck or boat neck.

(Halestorm is awesome, by the way)

Blazer; JCP, T-Shirt; Halestorm Concert, Jeans; Torrid, Shoes, Hand-me-down, Bag; Target, Necklace; Modcloth

Blazer - Approx $30 - Estimated Current Cost Per Wear - $3.75
T-Shirt - $25 - eccpw - $2.50
Jeans - $60 - eccpw - $0.31
Shoes - Free (thanks Carrie)
Necklace - $15 - eccpw - $1.87
Bag - $15 - eccpw - $0.04 

Total - $4.72...nice...

I like to think of the band tee as a replacement for a shirt or tank top that I would typically layer under a sweater, jacket, or blazer. I went for a casual look with my Halestorm shirt. I paired it with my worn in skinny jeans and a pair of vintage converse tennis shoes to keep with the dressed down look. Then, I added the purple blazer and my octopus necklace to add just a touch of polish. Each piece has a hint of edge to it, which makes the band tee appropriate and the whole outfit looks put together because all the colors coordinate well with the colors in the design.

Sweater; Shopko, Shirt; Regina Spektor Concert, Skirt; Lane Bryant, Tights; We Love Colors, Shoes; JCPenney's,  Bag; Vintage, was my grandmother's

Sweater - Approx $15 - Estimated Current Cost Per Wear - $1
T-Shirt - $20 - eccpw - $2.86
Skirt - $35 - eccpw - $2.33
Tights - $15 - eccpw - $15
Shoes - Appox $15 - eccpw - $3.75
Bag - Free

Total - $24.94...meh

I added this as another alternative to the harder look. Again, I just used my Regina Spektor t-shirt as a layering piece and coordinated it with appropriately colored pieces (you can't see in the picture but there are little blue stars coming off her name). This is a play on vintage silhouettes and the band tee makes it a little edgier.

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