Friday, October 12, 2012

Cozy Outfit

Last week, I went to my sister's powder puff game for homecoming week. Thinking about my homecoming football games in high school  I remember cold, clear nights, huddling close together on the bleachers, and warming our hands on cups of hot cocoa. I really wanted to put together a look that reflected that similar cozy armor against the chilly night.

Shirt;, Sweater; Kohls; Pants; Forever 21 +, Flatss; Steve Madden, Necklace; DIY, Bracelet; Forever 21

Shirt - $14.00 - Estimated Current Cost Per Wear - $7.00
Sweater - approx $30 - eccpw - $3.00
Pants -  $20 - eccpw - $6.67
Flats - $48.93 - eccpw - $2.45
Necklace - $9.00 - eccppw - $2.25
Bracelet - $5.80 - eccpw - $5.80

Outfil Total - $27.17

Of course, it turned out to be hot that night. Go figure.

Go Sammi!


  1. I thought only Colorado weather liked to play around with folks emotions. Well, the outfit looked super cute and cozy regardless of the night being HOT!

    1. lol, oh no! As our Wisconsinite saying goes, you know you're in Wisconsin when you've had to use the air conditioning and the heat in your car on the same day. Plus it's been extra crazy this year!

      And thank you!