Sunday, October 21, 2012

OOTD - Leather Skirts and Book Clubs

Hello world! How are you? I did something really exiting this week! My cousin and I decided to start a book club (with a boozey twist) and our first meeting was this week. Each month we are going to pick a book and create a drink to go with it. For the first meeting, I picked Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Very fitting for the month, no? It was the most fun I have had in a long time. There was so much wine and laughing and zombie candy. I absolutely cannot wait for next month!

So this is what I wore to the meeting.

What is that? Oh, yeah! A (faux) leather skirt! I have been lusting after leather skirts since I first started seeing them last fall. I was over the moon to find a few at Forever 21 + and despite the low price, it feels really luxurious. The material is buttery soft and I am in love with the exposed zipper and the quilted side panels. I debated between the one I got and this one here because, the color and the cut are much more my style. But, the final decision was made because I have piles and piles of colorful skirts and zero blacks one. Thus, I might get more use out of this one. I am so thrilled that I made the choice that I did. I have worn this skirt twice since I got it in the mail this week and that doesn't even seem like enough. It somehow keeps making it's way into my hands when I am getting dressed in the morning.

I bought this lace peter pan color awhile ago but, this is the first time I am wearing it. I am considering this collar an unintentional splurge because I discovered this tutorial, that shows you exactly how to make this collar for a couple of dollars. Oops...But, I still love it and I am excited to incorporate this into more of my outfits.

See ya later, Alligators!