Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hudson's Birthday Bash: Part One

I have tons of amazing pictures from Hudson's big birthday party so I have decided to break it up into two posts and this is the clothes post!

Dress; JCPenney's, Leggings; Torrid, Shoes; Steve Madden (years ago)

I'm pretty much done with the estimated cost per wear bit. Although I do it while I am shopping, to decide if something is worth it's price, it's just to tedious to do every post. Also, I don't know if it's fully getting my point across. I'm going to simplify it from now with an easy splurge or save concept.

Dress: SAVE! This dress, with it's gorgeous criss-cross detail and faux leather sleeves, was only $35! I call it my Project Runway dress because it feels similar to the dresses I have seen walk the runway this season. Specifically, the group/outerwear challenge. And the va-va-voom factor! I was shopping with my friend, to help her pick out work clothes, and I wasn't supposed to spend any money because I had spent quite a bit recently (I have a real problem). But, I spotted this dress, grabbed it, hugged it, and skipped around the store like a little kid until we got to the dressing rooms. I sent Husband a picture of the dress on the hanger and asked if I could buy it. He said no. Then I sent him a picture of the dress on me and asked again. Clearly, that worked. (Honestly, I would have bought the dress no matter what he said, but I helps me if he thinks he has a say in these things)

On a side note, I love JCPenney's. They don't always have amazing things, but if you are prepared to hunt down your prey, you will definitely walk away with something great. Plus, Grandma loved JCPenney's and that makes me all fuzzy wuzzy inside. Most of the time people shouldn't shop at the same stores as their grandmas but my grandma had it going on! She was style and class from head to toe!

Leggings: Save. I bought them on Black Friday so I saved a bundle on a pile of clothes at Torrid. They are my only pair of leggings so they have really gotten the beat down as I probably wore them twice a week for a whole year. But, they actually died this day. That night, I discovered two huge holes in them...Goodbye my dear friend.

Shoes: Save. I got them at an outlet mall quit a few years ago. They are my only pair of black heels and have taken quite a beating too but, they just keep going!

I secretly snapped a few photos of my sister taking pictures of the party. I love how into it she is and dang, does she look gorgeous. Her whole outfit is from Forever 21, except the red belt. Which, I know you can't see it well, but to prove my earlier point, it was my grandma's.

Birthday boy and his brother! Hudson's adorable shirt is from etsy and Sawyer is rocking Gap and Old Navy. Most of these items were bought on sale. I can't afford Gap usually but I love it, so I stalk them like a crazy person waiting for sales. I bought Sawyer's outfit at 30% off. SAVE!

Here's a little tip with online shopping. Some stores have a minimum order for free shipping, say $50. If I get to the end of my purchase and it all totals up to $48 with shipping, and I absolutely cannot find a free shipping coupon, I add little things that I need, like socks, onsies, or clearance sale items, to hit that $50 dollar mark. Essentially, I'm paying two dollars more to get $10-$15 worth of stuff. But, that's only if I am close to the minimum and I have to pay shipping. (That's how I got Hudson's red star socks in the picture.)

Photo fun!

That was a big one! But loaded with good content (I hope)!


  1. Replies
    1. IIII know right! If I had seen this dress on someone else I would have thought it cost AT LEAST a hundred dollars.

  2. That dress is pretty awesome! :) Also thanks for all the help shopping. I have gotten lots of compliments on the items I got.

    1. You're welcome! I had a ton of fun doing it. I'm glad they are working out for you :)

  3. You look so fab in that dress! What a great find. Glad you were able to buy it.

    This photo booth looks like a lot of fun! I know I love playing in them at parties. :)

    1. Aw, thank you! My sister said I looked like a fierce super hero lol.

      It was fun! I loved the photo props from etsy. Everyone looked hilarious with them.

  4. I want to steal your dress! I really need to get to JCPenney more often. I keep seeing cute clothes from there on other people's blogs.

    1. Thank you! I just got it a few weeks ago so it might still be there! JCPenney's really is a great store. But, I equate it to shopping at a thrift store. You have to sift through a lot of terrible things to find the gem, but the gems are there.