Monday, October 31, 2016

Witch of the Wood | Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween, loves! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween weekend and that today is a spooky and festive holiday despite the Monday drudge. Our weekend was full of good friends and family and even a visit from my sister and her brood from Georgia. Originally, we were going to have a year off from Halloween costumes as our usual party was relocated to Vegas. But, circumstances allowed for a last minute party and I was scrambling to come up with an easy and cheap costume that looked anything but easy and cheap and held up to my usual standards of Halloween awesome.

First step was finding my inspiration. Usually, I pull my costume from a movie. I've been Edward Scissorhands, Ursula, the Mad Hatter, The Wicked Witch of the East (house and all), etc. And since this year was all about my throwback love for witches, I decided to come up with a character inspired by the movie The Witch. For the most part the "Witch of the Wood" in the movie is naked or unseen, but I wanted to come up with a stylish version of a witch who could have existed in folklore from the 1600's because being naked in public is, you know, illegal.

This costume was incredibly easy and can be pulled together with makeup, a long black dress, a headpiece, and a quick and cheap DIY project.

Any long black dress would make excellent witch attire. Details like lace or flowing, billowy fabric are a bonus and baring skin in daring places adds a spirit of hedonism and empowerment that witches exude like a thick vapor. My headpiece was created by tying a pelvis bone to a headband. I chose it because it looked like the skull of some deformed and demonic creature. Antlers or horns would also make a great reference to hoofed animals who are notoriously in league with the devil and many people have weird objects like this hanging around, especially if you know some hunters. Ask around and you could probably borrow something from a friend. If not, Amazon or costume stores carry the fake kind for around fifteen to twenty dollars.

My claws were created by following this simple tutorial and took only a glue gun, scissors, and black poster board. I painted my arms with cheap Halloween body paint and in this case, the messier the application the better because I was trying to give the illusion of doing some dark and dirty in the deep woods.

Gethe really heavy handed with the conot our, eye makeup  and blood red lips, and you've got yourself a cheap, easy witch costume that is stylish, sultry, and haunting.

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