Monday, September 24, 2012

We Love Colors!

As fall settles in, let's discuss one of my favorite fall staples. Tights! As I was evaluating my wardrobe, I decided the most cost effective thing to do was pick up a few pairs of tights to wear with my spring/summer dresses and skirts. Unfortunately, I have had terrible luck with tights in the past, when buying them at random mall stores. I have spent upwards of $20 dollars on tights that only came in black and gray, and would rip the first or second wear. In addition, I have always lusted after brightly colored tights, but, I just couldn't find them anywhere. 

Enter, We Love Colors. I have heard great things about them and with 51 different colors of tights and leggings how could you not at least take a peek? They have multiple kinds of tights and leggings in all types of sizes that come in 51 colors! I had to mentally hold my self back from buying a hundred pairs. But, I thought about the colors of my dresses and skirts and trimmed it down to these four pairs; gold, maroon, gray, and brown.

Jacket, Forever 21Dress, (similar) Old NavyTights, We Love ColorsBelt, (similar) TorridFlats, Steve Madden
From this point on, I am going to break down my outfits by the original cost of each piece, the estimated cost per wear of each piece, and the estimated cost per wear of the whole outfit. I am doing this to give myself, and everyone else, a better idea of what I save on and what I splurge on. The idea is, the less I spend on it, the more I wear it, the better I do!

Dress - $19.99 - Estimated current cost per wear - $3.33
Jacket - approx $23 (I used a discount code )- eccpw-$7.66
Belt - 3 pack at $24.50 - approx $8.16 - eccpw- $1.02
Tights - $15-eccpw-$15
Flats - $48.93 (with s&h) - eccpw - $3.26

Total - $30.28

I love this outfit to pieces. The denim jacket you have seen, but oh the dress! Chartreuse is one of those perfect colors to me. It's bright, and fun. Plus, it complements my skin tone very well. I just cannot get enough of it! I know a lot of people find it overwhelming, but not me! Although, I do have to laugh because the tag says "wash with like colors." But, back to the outfit! I wore this to the park with the boys and never worried once about snagging the tights. They are thick and warm and should definitely get me through the season. I can't wait to try out the gold!

Anyone else excited about tights this fall? What are your favorite colors to wear?


  1. I love the tights. . . Im just not brave enough to wear tights. Lane Bryant has colored tights but Idk about the quality of them.

    1. If you aren't brave enough to wear colored tights you could always try the look with a neutral tight, like gray, black, or brown. It's really quite comfortable and keeps you warm. Plus it gives you a little extra protection from accidentally flashing your junk! I wouldn't buy the Lane Bryant tights. Those are the terrible tights I was talking about. I paid more for those and got two wears out of them. But these are great tights so if you get brave and want to try it you should definitely consider these!

  2. I love tights and bright colors but just don't have the courage to wear either! Mom

    1. Mom,

      Before you freak about my comment to Andy, remember, you are my mom and you are programmed to like me. I expect compliments from you. On the other hand, when you don't like something I do, it is absolutely devastating for the same reason. So you have just as much influence, just in another way. :)


      Also...I will get you in bright colors.

  3. The outfit is perfection.

    1. Thanks! You have such good taste, a compliment from you is like three compliments from someone else.