Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OOTD--Going Out to Play

This is an outfit I put together to take my boys out to play. It was a little chilly so I tossed my blazer on over a t-shirt. I love blazers because they are comfortable and instantly add polish to any outfit. I especially love the pop of "barney" purple under the blazer because it adds just the right dose of fun. I paired it with my favorite pair of broken-in skinny jeans that I have worn to death. They were a dark denim once but have faded into a nice warm blue that I find works well with my comfortable and casual outfits.
Playing baseball!

Sawyer is wearing an awesome motorcycle jacket that I found at a consignment shop. Everyone falls in love with the smiley face skull on the back. The label says Amy Coe, although I couldn't really find many places that actually carry her clothes. Also, he is totally rocking his nazy converse shoes, which he calls his "kicks."

Baby Hudson is wearing an adorable cardigan from Target and a pair of soft leather robeez. I bought them off Ebay for about a quarter of the price, and even though they are way too big, they work perfectly and I adore the tennis shoe look.

And can I just add...YAY FALL CLOTHES!


  1. Love that blazer! And what a handsome little man you have! :)

  2. Babies R Us sells Amy Coe, I love her! Although like you said I can't find much online :(.

    Btw - I envy you, getting dressed to go outside and play like that? Stacey and Clinton would be proud :)

  3. I would just like to say your outfit, AWESOME! My grandkids, ADORABLE!!