Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To My Dearest Love...

(This post has a soundtrack. Please play this video while reading. Thanks)

Dear Fall,

My heart may take flight at the thought of beach days and lemonade. I might embrace the new life of budding trees, sprouting grass, and thunderstorms. I may even get nostalgic for waking up to a new, crystal blanket of snow on the world, hot cocoa, and Christmas. But you, Fall, I can't live without you. I wait with baited breath all year long for the turning of the leaves, the vibrant blue skies, the crisp air you can almost taste. I watch for the change in weather like a puppy watching for his master to come home. The first pumpkin I see makes the taste of pumpkin pie tease along my tongue. As soon as I feel that first chill, that first fall wind that glides along my skin and heralds the beginning of autumn, I feel like I have come home.

Your Admirer,


Phew! I have been feeling so in love with fall, lately, I just had to get those overly romantic thoughts about fall out of my head.

So, just a quick photo of me and my oldest friend, Andy in our awesome fall outfits. We had a play date with the boys and our pants were almost the same color! Also, check out his chambray shirt, which he was inspired to wear by my holiday fancies outfit. (making waves, y'all!)


  1. 1- Sawyer photo bomb :)


    1. We should definitely do something soon!

    2. please, please, PRETTY PLEEEEEEASE! I would def be willing to head your way if that would be easier for you! Now it's just a matter of finding a date that works....ugh. lol. Oh aaaaand we should do another ladies night at a hotel like we did last year!

    3. My schedule is pretty open right now, but we have to find something that is little to no cost because I am broke. Something like a movie night or a game night. Which, I am totally willing to host!