Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vintage Fashion Journal Giveaway Entry

Hello Everybody!

Frivolous Mrs. D is giving away a beautiful vintage fashion journal at her blog and as all of you know, I am a sucker for all things book related. Books are just a sensory treat for me. I get completely caught up in the smell and feel of the paper. The words and illustrations are just dreamy to me. When I walk into a bookstore, don't even bother talking to me because I'm already lost in all the possibilities. I have a small but spectacular collection of journals that I use for multiple purposes and this journal would complement them beautifully!

Seriously, look at this thing...

Can we just play spot the things I love for a second? 

A Vintage Beauty? Check
Knitting? Check
Umbrella? Check
Glasses? Check
Teapots? Check
Anchors? Check
Fashion Odds and Ends? Check

This would be the ideal journal for jotting down my fashion and lifestyle blog ideas, as I am getting them and forgetting them constantly! 

Wish me luck!

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