Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Red Dress and Lemon Wedges | Outfit

These pictures say to me, "oh, hi. I'm from Wisconsin!" 

I'm not anywhere near a county girl. I live in Southeastern Wisconsin which is all cities and suburbs. My summer is ruled by Summerfest, the various museums in downtown Milwaukee, and how many Brewer's games I can tailgate at. Southeastern Wisconsinites are not the farmers pictured in every media portrayal of Wisconsin residents. I've never gone hunting, I wouldn't dream of wearing camo, I've never tipped a cow, and I've certainly never been to any kind of tractor pull or race or...whatever. 

We're not farmers here. We're the decedents of hard working, fun loving Germans. We like music festivals, beer, food, and baseball.

Despite that, the country, or remnants of the country, are never more than a short drive away. It's speckled in between towns  and cities and you can't go very far without running into an old barn. It's still Wisconsin, after all.

I love the simplicity of this outfit. It's all about balls to walls red and the cute, complementary shoes. It's not often that I let the shoes be the star of the show, but it's been something I'm working on. After all, the dress can't always carry the outfit alone.

Both of these items were purchased during my trip to Gurnee Mills on Friday. I went a little nuts at the Forever 21 because they carry plus sizes in store and I only ever get to shop online from them. Having access to all those plus size cuties was too much fun. This dress was one of my favorites because the color is a dream against my pale, warm toned skin and the fabric is a stretchy, textured material that has the look of a structured, expensive fabric with the comfort of a t-shirt. Also, I gathered from my time in the other stores that orangey-red is trendy this summer. So, hey. I'm on trend for once!

The shoes were a no brainer. Lemons are high up on my list of favorite motifs and the comfort of this brand is perfect for my whiny, goldilocks feet. Not too high, not too low, not too cushy, not too hard...just right. And the best part of all? They're lemon wedges. Lemon Wedges. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

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