Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fevered Clothes Dreams

My mother-in-law is an antique dealer and her yard is a smorgasbord of old things that I just want to lean against and take pictures with. Old gas pump? Heck yeah. Rusty sink by a tree? Don't mind if I do. Lucky for us she was kind enough to watch our children while my husband and I indulged this urge. 

Also, I found a caterpillar. He wanted his outfit photographed too.

When did Old Navy get so cute? I can usually find a few good basics there but, I had a virtual cart that was full to bursting of adorable, on trend items that were still Old Navy prices. It was a dream. This dress is a dream. I'd wear it to bed and dream of it all night if I had no other excuse to wear it.

 My cardigan is from Eloquii and it was in the clearance section! Which was really lucky since Eloquii is usually out of my price range and the perfect brown boyfriend cardigan that is long but, not baggy and is lightweight but, doesn't lose it's shape is just not easy to find. I had one from SimplyBe but, we had to break up. It wasn't him. It was me. That's why I was so happy to run into this guy when I was out searching for boyfriend material.

So remember, even if you think your perfect boyfriend cardigan might be out of your league, there's a chance he could be slumming it in the clearance section and who knows. You just might have a movie worthy meet cute that involves your paypal and your mailman. Then a caterpiller will show up. Then you'll realize you're either in Wonderland or you're wearing dresses to bed again to induce fevered clothes dreams.

I think that went too far. I should go to bed for real now. Good night!

Cardigan: Eloquii similar | Dress: Old Navy | Belt Target similar | Shoes: Modcloth similar | Turban: Asos