Thursday, November 29, 2012

You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

There has been a bit of sadness and worry in my house lately. Things are not looking good with the house. We were supposed to close on the 27th but issues with the title prevented it and now we don't know if it's going to happen at all. Here's hoping we have somewhere to live come December 31st. So, I thought I would lighten the mood with a story at Husband's expense.

During dinner yesterday Husband and I got into a game of "Quote the Big Lebowski" because mid conversation I said, "Am I wrong?" Which, of course set Husband off into a slew of quotes.

Husband: Where's the money, Lebowski?
Me: I don't roll on Shabbos!
Husband: Hey, nice marmot.
Me: You are entering a world of pain!
Husband: Shut up, Donny!
Me: Donny, you are out of your element!
(anyone else notice mine are all Water quotes?)
Husband: ...and thural.
Me: Wait...what?
Husband: ...and thural.
Me: *dumbfounded look*
Husband: ...and thural.
Me: *dumbfounded look*
Husband: *sigh* ...and thural?
Me: Are you saying words?
Husband: *loud sigh* Yes. As in, he's a good doctor...and thural.
Me: *things begin to click into place* Thural?
Husband: Yeah, as in, thoroughly?
Me: Do you mean thorough??? With an o?
Husband: *laughs* Yup.
Me: Oh my god. Have you spent your whole life saying thural?
Husband: Yup.
Me: How are you not more embarrassed right now?
Husband: I'm pretty embarrassed. Especially, since I walked around saying that quote at work all day long.
Me: Oh god.

That's my husband.

Couple new pieces here that I scored on Black Friday. Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, luscious, to die for, bargain boots from Modcloth and comfy corduroy skinnies. For how much I love the individual pieces, I am not loving this outfit. Meh.

So let's see what else I can do with these things!


  1. you look so cozy and cute..I hope things start looking up with the house hunt

    1. Thank you. We got a little bit of good news today and things may be going in the right direction. We'll see though. We've been told this before.