Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Freakum Dress - Every Woman's Got One

A couple bloggers I follow have taken part in a new challenge called the ways to wear challenge ran by Gemma of Big Girls Browse and I am really excited to jump in too.

The first challenge is an LBD. I am not really a simple black dress kind of girl. I know how versatile they are and I am trying to change my shopping habits to include high quality simple pieces. But the way it is now, I really only buy things that have details that make me go, "daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang." So, this is my version of a little black dress.

I bought this dress a couple years ago at Torrid and it has served as a birthday dress, Christmas dress, and a date night dress. But, lets be honest. It's a freakum dress. This dress says, "Honey, don't worry. Tonight I'm a sure thing."

I felt this dress was so strong on it's own that it didn't need a lot of accessories  So, I just decided to accessorize it with my sparkly nude heels, a bright red lip, and my booty.


  1. WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK. Like DAYUM girl! That dress is amazing, and so is yo booty. lol! LOVE it! I'm thinking this could also be a Kim's bachelorette party dress... I was considering an LBD theme for attendees- perfect!

    1. An LBD theme sounds amazeballs. This dress will be looking forward to getting drenched in stripper sweat on your bachelorette party.

      But, seriously, don't wear anything that will get ruined easily. The dress I wore was never the same after my bachelorette party. Stripper sweat stains everywhere.

      ..It's good to be the bride.

  2. Love love love your dress! Hot!!

  3. You had me at freakum dress! Love it~

  4. wow, this dress is amazing!!!! you look stunning my dear :-)

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  5. it's so pretty on you! it fits you well, it's the perfect little LBD with pizzazz. :)