Thursday, November 15, 2012

Studs and Stockings

This is the last of my backlogged pictures so I am officially caught up! Yay!

When I started following blogs I discovered a whole multitude of plus-size stores that had amazing on-trend clothes that I never knew about before. Some of the stores I discovered were Simply Be, Asos, and Evans. After only being able to shop at like three stores for the longest time I went a little crazy purchasing things from these new stores. I broke a lot of rules but, I think the boost in confidence I get when I put these clothes on makes it worth it. So, yes, $75 for this dress was a bit much. But, I love it so much. I am crazy for the studs on the shoulders, the color, and the pleats. I feel absolutely fantastic in this dress. Plus, everything else in this outfit was pretty much free. The clutch was my grandma's, I compounded a bunch of coupons to get the tights for nothing, and I stole the socks from my mom (thanks Mom). So, there ya go, justification.

I wore this to go out to dinner and see a play with my husband and his co-workers. The play was not my cup of tea (it was a courtroom drama and I'm way more of a musical person) but, I still really enjoyed it. As we were leaving we passed the star of the play outside and he called out, "Those are fantastic stockings!" Which, was awesome.

See ya later, alligators!