Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Very Belated Halloween

Ok, I know it's half way through November but, I didn't get my camera back until a couple days ago and I really wanted to share my Halloween with you all.

This year we put together a Candyland group costume. Candyland was one of my favorite games as a kid because it always seemed to a bit more magical than any other game. As I was seeing all the pieces come together I was really excited about this one. Everybody that participated did an excellent job becoming their character. 

I really wanted to do some serious group and individual shots for the blog but, once we got to the party we just got into too fast so, all I have is a few quick pictures. I think you'll get the idea though.

I was Princess Lolly and I made my skirt out of pink and yellow tulle and yellow ribbon from Joann Fabrics. I followed this tutorial and just made a few adjustments to suit the look I wanted. All the lollipops around the bottom of the skirt are made of felt and hot glued on.* I used an old yellow shirt I had and hot glued sparkely felt circles to the top. The pink pumps were a pair of shoes I already owned and I got the tights from We Love Colors (where else?). The crown is an embroidery hoop with dollar store lollipops hot glued to the inside.

*Funny story. When I was hot gluing the lollipops to the skirt I was being really dumb and hot glued it right on to the table. A bunch of varnish came off and I now have lollipop shaped swirls all over my kitchen table. After I did it I groaned, "Ugh! The dumb things I do for Halloween!" Sawyer picked up on it and kept calling my Halloween costume, "Mama's dumb things for Halloween!"

I really wish you could see everyone better because there are some really fantastic costumes here. The brown guy is my husband as Gloppy the Molasses Monster. What you can't see is the awesome reeds, grass, and felt fudge pops all along the bottom of his costume. The green guy is Plumby and he had one some killer green suspenders and knee high green socks. There is King Kandy, who's costume is all handmade out of felt, Gramma Nut, who rocked it by bringing real peanuts. My sister is Queen Frostine (so elegant and supreme) and my mom, who did the BEST job this year, is Mrs. Mint. We also had a Jolly but he wasn't there when this picture was taken.
The white things on the floor in the clown picture are lollipops. I was sprinkling them on people and apparently causing lots of trouble. Sounds like me. 
 Happy very belated Halloween, everybody!

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