Friday, March 4, 2016

Navy Plaid and Blush | Outfit

Spring has sprung! Well, not really because we just had a blizzard. But, spring doesn't really happen in Wisconsin the way it happens in the rest of the world. As temperatures rise and everyone else is experiencing the reawakening of the world with blossoms and sunshine, our first signs of spring are heaps of dirty snow that refuse to melt and soggy, brown, litter covered grass. The beginning of spring, for us, is more like the death rattle of winter and we're left dealing with the corpse.

That's why spring is much more of a mindset in Wisconsin. Spring is here when our coats start to feel like they're smothering us and we cannot bare the thought of pulling on our grubby, salt stained boots one more time. No matter how cold and wet it is. It's when we decide to grit our teeth and dig our hearty, Midwestern heels in and firmly tell winter, "no more." If we can't have blossoms and sunshine then we'll just pretend. We'll wear cheery clothes and shorts in 30 degree weather because we just...can't...take it...anymore. So, huzzah. It's spring. Because we say so.

Cardigan: thrifted (similar) | Shirt: JCP (similar in plus) | Skirt: thirfted (similarsimilar in straight sizes) (similarsimilar in plus) | Shoes: Payless | Belt: Target (similar in plus) | Bag: Modcloth (similar)

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