Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! | Outfit

 I've been markedly absent this week because I was knocked out cold by a stomach bug. I managed to throw food at my kids occasionally but, mostly I just laid on my couch and stared off into the distance. I'm finally feeling myself again and guess what? While I was putting my shoes on today, I gloriously slipped and sprained my ankle like the total doof that I am. Look at me go! The good news is that being confined to the couch with an injury versus a stomach bug will leave me loads of energy for internetting!

So, I just thought I'd pop in and leave you a few pretty pictures of me and my little lucky charms in our best Irish get ups. May your day be full of green beer, minty shakes, and many other things that aren't actually Irish. Hahaha. Me? I'm elevating my ankle, watching the Boondock Saints, and harassing my husband to go get ingredients to make mint juleps. Hey. Whiskey can be Irish. Or is that just clever marketing on Jameson's part? 

Cardigan: JCP | Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Old Navy | Shoes: Thrifted | Headband: Charming Charlie | Lips: Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever

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