Monday, March 21, 2016

Dragonfly Lady | Style Imitating Art


It's that time again! Style Imitating Art this week was inspired by the intricate and lovely, Art Noveau style “Dragonfly Lady” brooch by René Lalique. If you remember back to the last time Art Noveau was chosen for Style Imitating Art, you will remember that it's kind of my jam.

I immediately knew I was going to wear this dress because the organic flow of the fabric, the intricate floral pattern, and the jewel tones are all dead ringers for this broach. I added the belt for the gold finish and the polka dot blazer because, well, it was cold. But, also, because the little delicate pattern reminded me of the impressive detail in the dragonfly's wings.

Thank's so much to Salavar for choosing another Art Noveau beauty for Style Imitating Art because I cannot get enough. Check out 14 Shade's of Grey tomorrow to see the full round up of everyone's outfits. I know I can't wait to see!

Blazer: Thrifted | Dress: Modcloth | Tights: We Love Colors | Boots: Modcloth | Belt: Target | Lips: Colourpop Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Scrooge

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