Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dressing for Transition Seasons | Advice + Outfit

I know talking about the weather is boring small talk but it seriously impacts our clothing choices. So, it's hard to not talk about the weather! Clothes are our literal armor against the chilly gales that whip around us and, on a less practical level, the weather effects our moods and clothing is the outward display of the chilly gales whipping around inside of us. When we're bouncing around between 70 degree days and freezing rain it can be difficult to make style choices.

Side eye to mother nature...who does she think she is? Sybil? Save it for Sally Field, lady!

When the weather can't decide if it's one season or another, you have the great transition seasons. And while they're not my favorite weather-wise, I actually love dressing for these times of the year. It's a challenge to meld the warm and the cool into something that satisfies weather that's neither winter nor spring and reflects a mood that can only dip it's toes in the exuberance of a new season. One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is to pair typically winter colors with spring colors. Adding the blush colored cardigan and belt tips the scales towards an outfit that is more bloom and blossom than falling leaves and snow covered hills. I'm still protected from the elements but my lighter, happier mood is the sprinkle on top.

If you're unsure how to pair colors from the opposite ends of the spectrum, start with colors in the same color family. Even though wine is dark and saturated it has the same roots as the softer and airier blush so they will always look good together (like you and your cutie sister). You can also use prints as a cheat sheet, as well. The floral on my bag acts as a bridge incorporating both colors into it's palate. If you aren't sure where to start you can grab a print and pull out two colors, one spring and one winter, and build your outfit on that.

Keep in mind that all of this is a mere suggestion based on the desire to dress thematically for the season and you should always where whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of what fashion magazines tell you is in this season or not. #velvetforeveryseason

Cardigan: thrifted (similar) | Shirt: JCP (similar in straight sizesimilar in plus) | Skirt: Kohl's (similar in straight size similar in plus) | Tights: We Love Colors | Belt: Target (similar in plus) | Shoes: Modcloth (similar) | Bag: Modcloth (similar) | Sunglasses: Vintage (similar) | Lips: Colourpop's Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Scrooge

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