Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Fringe Effect | Outfit

As is the crux of online shopping, this skirt was not exactly what I was expecting. I'm not sure why but, I had no clue it was a mini skirt and when I received it, I almost packed it right back up and sent it on its way 

But, beyond the length the skirt was perfect. I had been on the search for a black, faux leather, fringe skirt since I saw one in the mad for paid Target ads from fall. I stalked target for that skirt for two dang months waiting for it to make its appearance. It. Never. Happened. I was left with a gaping skirt shaped hole in my heart that could only be filled with a black, faux leather, fringe skirt.

I'm not exaggregating for effect. These are my real emotions. This is my life. I'm consumed by telenovela like drama and the star of the show is a black, faux leather, fringe skirt. Commence the yelling and crying!

So, yes. This skirt had everything I wanted minus like five inches but, my brain tells me those five inches are the difference between being well-dressed or going to Duck Dynasty the Musical while sucking down Dorito flavored Mountain Dew. Yet, it was so close and I found it for a really reaasonable price. I wanted it to be right so bad! Oh, the drama!

Could I wear a mini skirt? The truth is yes because nothing is so bound by definitions and connotations that you can't make it work for your sense of style. I didn't have to wear it like I was going to a country music festivals to get drunk and ride a mechanical bull. I just had to figure out how to put it into a context that fit me. 

To balance the shortness, I paired it with opaque black tights and a buttoned up top. I kept it chic by keeping it mostly monotone but, added interest with the subtle floral print and the texture of the fringe. In an outfit that's pretty covered up, the length actually plays up a much needed edge and can I just say...get yourself a fringe skirt. You will instantly feel like you're on a runway or in a music video. There's just so much movement everything you do feels like you are shamelessly strutting your stuff and that does wonders for your attitude!


  1. wow! I think you look stunning in this outfit too<3<3<3
    The fringe is pretty amazing :) Loving the dark lips.

  2. Rad skirt! Love it love it love it! <333

    - Anna

  3. Everyone can wear a mini skirt! I think your fringe one is super fun and I can just imagine wanting to twirl around in it all day. It looks great with the floral print top too.

    Jamie |

    1. I agree! We just have to stop listening to that little voice that says we can't. Thank you so much!

  4. hello,
    this look feat the fringe effect skirt is super nice...iper nice...mega nice...a standing ovation for Your creative and unique & fabolous style!