Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! | Outfit

Hello, lovelies! I know it's been awhile. My sister and her family have been in town (they left today...) from Georgia and we have been packing as much Christmas fun into the last few weeks as physically possible. We've been so busy that I think we actually managed to beat our immune systems down and make ourselves sick hahaha. As sad as it is to see them go, we definitely need some recovery time to physically and mentally heal from our holly boughs to the walls Christmas.

So, happy new year and cheers to things getting back to normal for a while!

Our New Year's Eve started with kid friendly festivities at a light festival and the sweetest little party at my Aunt and Uncle's house. After the kids started to crash and it became clear they could no longer party down any more, the husbands took the children home and us adults moved our party to my cousin's house for jello shots and drinking games. Having some time with my sister where we could actually be adults and not just tiny human caretakers was exactly what we needed on our last night together.

This dress, from the mega post-Christmas Asos sale, arrived just in time for me to wear out. I wouldn't strictly have seen it as a NYE dress but, paired with these crazy sexy tights, it came together nicely. I chose boots over heals to keep the look grounded and to balance all the short, tight, laceness of the look. I'm really excited to try some sophisticated, chic looks with this dress as well because this is the kind of dress that makes me feel like a grown a** woman.

Dress: Asossimilar in plus size | Tights: Modcloth | Boots: Modcloth similar | Lips Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks in Patina

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