Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A lot of times when we post online we edit, adjust, and angle ourselves into an idealized version of ourselves. We do this to both provide enjoyable content and avoid being shamed for our flaws because the Internet is a tough place, yo. But, the unintentional consequence of this is putting forth a false image of perfection. Sometimes, that image is too good and makes others feel their lives are inadequte. I know I've been on the envying side of the screen more than I'd like to admit.

Every one of us lays in bed looking at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram wishing our lives were as stylish and put together as some stranger's with perfect blonde kids sitting in a pristine white room, not a single smudge of jelly anywhere. But, that's probably not real. The mess is probably all shoved into one corner that is obscured from the camera's view (I can't be the only one that does that). It's intentionally put together to be beautiful for our entertainment. It's not a snapshot of real life.

So, I can go pose in front of cool backgrounds that, in my mind, provide visual interest and highlight the hardwork and creativity I put into styling myself. It may make me look put together but, the truth is...I only shaved one leg for this outfit. Just the leg by the split. Why? We were late. I was in a rush. Mostly, I was lazy. Then the wind happened. I am only one good wind gust away from a total mess. That's real life.

Dress: Boohoo | Hat: Boohoo | Shoes: Toms | Bracelets: Thrifted Similar

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