Friday, November 20, 2015

20th Century Scrapbook

There is something truly satisfying about mixing decades that creates a quirky and dynamic outfit. Between the stockings, the dress, and the vintage hat, the whole outfit has a very 20's-40's vibe. By adding the 90's jean jacket and the bright modern pumps, I'm taking what could be costumey and nudging it into a wearable outfit that highlights some of the best styles of the last century. Basically, I'm a 20th century scrapbook and since I'm not a real scrapper, this will have to do.

Curating styles that you love from all the decades and incorporating them into a modern wardrobe is an excellent way to have a lasting style that transcends trends. Even though trends can be a lot of fun to play with, your style is the definition of you. It's taking what's inside your brain and turning it outward for the world to see. Of-the-moment trends can't encapsulate an entire person. Drawing from the deep wells of fashion that span entire centuries and cultures will give you limitless possibilities. Helping to create a complete and authentic picture of you.

Dress: Kohlssimilar (on sale and up to size 4X) |Socks: Torrid | Jacket: Forever21 similar | Shoes: Target similar | Hat: Vintage similar