Friday, December 11, 2015

Tree Trimming | Outfit

What do you do when you have the world's saddest artificial tree that is too short for your house and too sparse to even look healthy? You buy a new one. Just buy a new one. Seriously, don't be us. Or you can always choose the route of laziness and cringe at it year after year while shoving as many ornaments on it as possible to hide all the gaping holes. What can we say? We are plainly subject to the laws of enertia. An object at rest just wants to stay at rest and we can't be blamed for that. It's physics.

Plus, the second law of nature involving Christmas trees is the younger your children, the uglier your tree will be. So, again, this is not our fault. We are simply letting our tiny disasters make memories. We lug out the tote of ornaments, put on some Christmas music, pour some egg nog, and let our kids go nuts. They will remember our day as something special and I will only grimace at the tree about 100 times in December. That seems worth it to me.

And if my tree can't be a festive wonder to delight the eyes, why not my clothes? This dress. Oh, my God this dress. I found it while scrolling through some blogs and it was love at first sight. At its original price point it was a bit of a fantasy but, on Black Friday Apricity held an instagram sale and offered a handful of their dresses for a deep discount. And to the joy of my little heart, this dress was included. The sizing was a bit of a gamble but, I read on other blogs that the material had some stretch and so I took the plunge. 

When it arrived at my door, I anxiously ripped open the package and was immediately impressed with the quality. I ran up to my room to try it on and thankfully, it fit quite well as the stretchy fabric added some wiggle room.  The dress was made for christmas time and I feel like a Christmas decoration while wearing it but, that isn't the end of its potential. The plaid print is just subtle enough that it can be paired with several different colors to draw out different seasons. When worn with red or green it immediately smacks of evergreens and hot cocoa. But, the dress on its own reminds me of picnic blankets and summer afternoons. The versatility is amazing.

Dress: Apricity Similar (XS-4X) | Cardigan: Target similarsimilar (plus size) | Tights: We Love Colors | Booties: Payless Shoe Source similar | Belt: Torrid similarsimilar (plus size)


  1. This dress is so cute and festive! Your house looks perfect for the holidays!

  2. We love your festive outfit! Thanks for featuring our tights, you look so ready for the holidays!

  3. That dress is perfection!!! And your kids are freaking adorable. Haha, our tree is a bit of a sparse on top tree as well, but I don't mind it; it reminds me of Charlie Brown. :D I think your tree looks pretty!