Thursday, December 22, 2016

Swamplandia! | BBRBF Book Club + Outfit

Welcome to December's edition of the BBRBF Book Club. This month we read Swamplandia! By Karen Russell. And by read I mean didn't read. At least for me.

I tried. I even started the book a whole month ago. I. Just. Couldn't. I wanted to. I still might. But, holy cow is it a slow read. I got a few chapters in and everything just seemed so bogged down in details. The world building seemed to be the the bulk of the novel. But, it still seems like it has potential, so there's a good chance I'll give it another try. Maybe the rest of the novel will be heavier with story and lighter on unnecessary detail.

Given that I didn't actually read the book I probably should have bowed out this month, but I just loved the cover so dang much. I literally chose this book off the library shelf because it was so dang cute. I really wanted to interpret it in an outfit. I guess this month you get HALF of a BBRBF Book Club review from me. 

I chose to imitate the black and white outfit of the male character on the cover with my thrifted black and white dress. I added red and cream details to incorporate the lovely color scheme of the book. Had I had the right pieces, I would have every single color in my outfit because they're all so lovely together. But, much like the book, I couldn't. Woo. Good month!

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