Friday, March 11, 2016

Muted Tones and Womanhood | Outfit

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with some women who I have known since elementary and middle school. It's something we do a couple times a year to stay connected as we migrate to different towns and build different lifestyles. Each meal we spend together is a patchwork quilt of laughter and stories as we share bits of our lives and every time I am amazed at the group of us.

Each of us is entirely unique from the others. We're tomboys and girly girls, mothers and the happily childless, quick to laughter and quiet observers, creative and technical. And despite this, maybe because of this, friendship prevails. We are constantly bombarded with messages that we need to be a singular ideal of womanhood. But, how can we expect that when the nuances and the facets of women create such a strong and fluid mosaic?

Do we seek out identical, homogenized flowers planted in orderly rows? Not really. Because everything in life is improved by variety. Just because a lily exists it doesn't mean a rose is any less dazzling. Just because cinnamon is more common doesn't mean cardamon doesn't delight. Why are women, complex and varied human beings, expected to satisfy a checklist of desirable traits? That's nuts! Not one of us has more or less value because of the personality traits, habits, and body parts that make us up. We are good because we exist. We are better because we exist together.

Dress worn as a skirt: Modcloth (similar) | Shirt: Kohl's (similar in straight sizesimilar in plus| Blazer: Thrifted (similar in straight sizesimilar in plus) | Tights: Walmart (similar in straight sizesimilar in plus) | Belt: Target (similar in plus) | Boots: Modcloth (similar)

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